Picture Licensing Information

Image piracy is not a victimless crime, so please do not steal my images. I regularly use reverse image searches to find where my images are being used and they will show up, so please think before you assume it is OK to use one of my photos without contacting me.

All pictures made by Thomas Day:Photographer are copyright of Thomas Day, Thomas Day Photography and Thomas Day:Photographer and are licensed for specific uses. Please check the embedded metadata in your picture to find the exact use it is licensed for and read the terms below BEFORE use. Unauthorised use for ANY purpose is considered copyright infringement and payment for use will be pursued under the relevant domestic law.

The licenses detailed below are not assignment of copyright, they allow use of images for specific purposes and must be purchased at the appropriate fee. For more details contact Tom: thomasdayphotographer@gmail.com

I do not sell or assign my copyright to any images to 3rd parties in any form.

Social Media Only License: The picture(s) supplied are for use online in social media ONLY. While personal reproduction is permitted, you may not supply the pictures with intent to use them for any other purpose. Professional networking sites such as LinkedIn are not classed as social media within this license.

PR license: Picture is licensed for use for press release and marketing for non-profit only. If the licensee receives payment for the image in any form, said fee must be given to Thomas Day:Photographer in full. The client is obliged to advise Thomas Day:Photographer where and when the picture(s) will be used and an image credit must be given.

Merchandising License: The picture(s) may be used for specific merchandise sold for profit by the licensee. Fees are payable and should be negotiated BEFORE sale of any product commences either in agreed flat fees or royalties. If you are not officially affiliated with the person or artist in the photograph, you MUST provide written permission from the person or artist to use their likeness for profit BEFORE use.

Terms and Conditions for all uses: If the use of any picture(s) contravenes the above terms of use, the client will be liable for the appropriate fees. An invoice will be presented and will be payable immediately if not agreed before the change of use. Editing of any kind without prior approval of Thomas Day:Photographer is not permitted. The removal of embedded metadata and subsequent creation of orphan works will be regarded as a breach of copyright as will the removal of any watermarks and damages will be pursued under the applicable domestic law.

Please follow this link for full copyright information under UK Law: https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/305165/c-notice-201401.pdf

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