Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers. If your question is not here Contact Us for information and answers!

Our standard terms and conditions are at the bottom of this page.

Will you shoot me?
Yes, but only with a camera.

Which Camera(s) do you use?
We use Canon 50Ds and an array of lenses and lighting kit, we also have backup equipment so don’t worry! We occasionally shoot on film if the mood takes us.

I don’t have much room in my house, how much room do you need?
That depends on what you want, we can shoot head and shoulder portraits and headshots in spaces smaller than Harry Potter’s bedroom but if you want full length shots we’ll need about 3×3 metres with a background or 1x3m without.

Do you take card payments?
Yes, via Paypal or in person but we prefer bank transfers.

What are your qualifications?
Tom and Judy are self taught however, Tom is working on a distinction with the Royal Photographic Society. He is also a member of The RPS and the Bureau of Freelance Photographers.
Becky has an A* A-Level in photography and spent a great proportion of her BA studying and executing fashion shoots.

Is it a requirement for photographers to tell rubbish jokes?
No, but I do, I blame my parents.

Do you have insurance?
Of course, only a fool wouldn’t. We are insured with Aaduki for public and professional liability, as well as all our kit with replacement hire – why is this important? It means if our gear gets stolen or broken, we can hire replacements for your session/wedding/event virtually without hitch.

What if I get a massive spot on my face on the day of my shoot?
Don’t apply any Windex to it, don’t cover it in concealer, let us get rid of it digitally, it takes a fraction of a second even if it’s like mount vesuvius.

I like one of your photographs, can I use it for my house/advert/school project etc…?
I’m quite happy for my work to be used, but please contact me first as in many instances charges will apply to use it. Under copyright law, using it without my permission for any purpose is stealing my intellectual property. We all have to make a living!

Wedding specifics:

Why should I book Thomas Day Photography for my wedding?
We’ve been there, done it and got the rings and portfolio and customer feedback to prove it. We understand it’s a huge event in your lives and we know our stuff. We normally act as photographer, counsellor and general aide on the day and we are often the only people who are there from when you start getting ready to your first dance (that you’re paying). We’re therefore at your beck and call. We thoroughly enjoy what we do and this is reflected in our work, we will give you something you will treasure for the rest of your lives.

How many photos will I get on the disc?
We quote up to 400 as a rule of thumb, it is often more or less so we can’t guarantee a figure. We won’t scruple over a few extras if we feel they are worth adding.

How many photos can I have in my album?
Around 60-70. We can include more but we have to charge you extra for more pages (currently £50 for a double page spread). Album only packages will receive proofs to select their photos from.

What if my wedding date has to be moved?
If we’re available for your new date, we will of course book you in but you will have to sign a supplementary agreement or a new contract (we will carry your deposit over in this instance). If we’re booked however, unfortunately you will forfeit your deposit as it will be classed as a cancellation. If cancelling within 6 weeks of your original wedding date, you will be liable for a reasonable percentage of the package price (Sorry guys but we can’t fill dates that quickly and we have bills to pay).
We recommend you get wedding insurance to cover just this kind of situation.

Can I change my package once I have booked?
Before your wedding yes – but please call us if you wish to make changes as conditions apply.

I’m worried you might not know my venue, will you go there before my big day?
We always endeavour to do a recce of every venue before your big day, if we have not been there before that is… If we can’t make it there though don’t worry, we’re used to working ad-hoc when required – some of our best work has been from this stock!

Why is wedding photography expensive?
Here’s our ethos. You pay for our services performed, before, on and after the day, i.e. Meetings, discussions, recce’s, photographing your big day and the hours it takes us to process your photos, albums and prints. As a wedding is often 3+ days work for us and we have to pay our bills, eat, keep our equipment well maintained (as well as upgrading and replacing bits of it where necessary) so it’s fit for use on your wedding day. We do try to keep everything at an affordable price and the cost of upgraded products and time taken is reflected in the package prices as unfortunately, better quality costs more money and it takes time to produce your chosen products.

How long will I have to wait to see my photos after my wedding?
On average 28 days, but sometimes more and sometimes less. It really depends on how busy we are and want to make the best job possible of your photographs, so we don’t rush.

What’s on the CD?
Your wedding photos, in print ready and web formats. We still own the copyright but we don’t add a watermark or signature to your print ready photos. We do watermark the web-res photos as it’s a good way for us to advertise our work and prevents image theft allowing us to continue to do what we do best.

What’s an engagement shoot?
Really, it’s a free portrait session but we will do poses we’ll use on your big day. No photos are included but can be purchased separately.

Portrait Specifics

How many photos will I get?
You will have several taken in your session, how many you get depends on your package. You can buy more as required at reasonable rates.

How long will my session last?
Usually from 1 to 1.5 hours, including set up and down or half an hour to an hour on location.

What should I wear?
Something smart and comfortable, and please do accessorise. Please don’t wear more make-up than you normally would and don’t cover any spots with concealer (don’t worry – we will get rid of any you may have later)

Will you airbrush me?
Only if you want us to. Our lighting and poses are very complimentary to skin and features, you will look fabulous!

I want a specific style, can you do it?
Every photographer has a different style, we’ll do our best but it will always have our style stamp on it. Give us a call or drop us a line with a link to the image you want to recreate, we’ll give you an honest opinion.

What if I want more than two of the photos you take of me/us?
You can order more from us after your session, both paper prints and digi-prints. If you spend over £100 in total we will give you up to 10 of your photos on CD in high-res and web formats.
Headshot Specifics:

Headshots are really important to get right, how long do I get?
As long as you need, you’re paying a premium on the portrait cost for that reason.

How many shots will I get?
You will get up to 10 photos on CD in High-res for printing and low-res for online portfolios/social media with a PR license.

How long until I can see the shots?
We endeavour to process them in front of you where possible, that way if you’re unhappy with something we can deal with it immediately, either in photoshop or by taking another shot. You will usually get your CD within 2 weeks of making a choice of which two you want. If this isn’t fast enough, our priority processing service is £50 and we’ll endeavour to deliver in 7 days or less.

Our Terms and Conditions

At any wedding, Bridal prep to 1st dance assumes that 9 hours coverage maximum is required, for health and safety reasons we will not extend this time unless accommodation is provided locally.

If any part of a wedding occurs more than 100 miles from our base we may ask for accommodation to be supplied at your expense.

We require a deposit for all bookings, even if we are not charging you for an event. If the shoot is non-chargeable the deposit will be refunded at the end of the event, if the event is cancelled we reserve the right to keep the deposit to cover costs.

Please do not book us because we made the best offer, the biggest consideration should be that we will be presenting your memories of your wedding day in our style. We cannot change it so please do not book if either of you is unhappy with our portfolio style.

Any shoot more than 40 miles from our base will be subject to an excess mileage fee at the government rate of 40 pence per mile (correct at April 2014).

For weddings we expect to pay for up to £10 for parking, if parking fees exceed £10 we will ask for the excess to be paid by our client. For all other shoots we will ask for any excess on £5 parking fees to be paid.

All photos remain copyright of Thomas Day Photography and all images are supplied with an unlimited personal use license unless otherwise agreed. From 1st January 2013 our personal use license requires any images shared online to be watermarked with our website address, these are supplied on all of our discs. Once supplied you are free to copy photos and discs for backup, sharing and non-profit activities only. If you share non-watermarked images we reserve the right to ask for these to be taken down immediately.

If images are required for press release (PR) or commercial use* a separate license will be required. *Commercial use includes any activity from which a profit may be made i.e. advertising, sale, stock. Failure to comply with these license terms will be seen as infringement of copyright and legally pursued.

We reserve the right to use any photo taken by us for marketing, portfolio, stock imagery, competitions, advertising, magazine articles or any other purpose we see fit unless objected to in writing before it is used. If objection is made after use we will where possible retract an images use where a person’s face is clearly recognisable i.e. the persons facial identity is clear, or where it infringes on an existing copyright. Under no circumstances will we share revenue gained from use of photographs or other images from uses outlined above unless agreed before shooting.

Using our services will be taken as acceptance of the terms and conditions set above and agreement with the answers, where applicable to our frequently asked questions. We reserve the right to amend these terms as and when we see fit.

We support the Embedded Metadata Manifesto

We support the Embedded Metadata Manifesto

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