About Tom

I am tall, dark and my Mum thinks I’m handsome. Fortunately my wife agrees.

You will no doubt have guessed that I am a photographer, I am also a music lover and I have eclectic tastes in both.

My greatest photographic passions are my Son (who will want to smash my camera by his teens), live music and portraits.
I’m a technical Luddite, I can’t live without my own technology, I also dismay at how many people live life through theirs.
I never leave the house without some form of camera, but I worry about those who live their lives looking through one, most of all through their iPhones at gigs.

I write pretty good too. You can find my album reviews and live reviews at xsnoize.com

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We support the Embedded Metadata Manifesto

We support the Embedded Metadata Manifesto

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